Who We Are

Navigator Financial

Navigator Financial

We offer comprehensive and collaborative financial planning services. Our team of experienced advisors will chart a course to help you get where you want to go while enjoying the journey.

But our focus is not building wealth for the sake of wealth. Instead, we want to help build stewards.

We want you to live a life of abundance without the constant need to gain more. By shifting your mindset away from scarcity, your financial future already becomes brighter. That’s just the first step. Fruitful financial journeys are long and layered. That’s why you need a navigator. Thrive today and tomorrow with Navigator Financial.

Our Mission

Helping clients live lives of abundance by focusing on enough. Delivering values-based advice, assistance, and advocacy with consistent character and competence.



Your advisors are not just local residents. We are engaged and active participants. In addition to serving clients, we believe in serving the community as a whole.

From Trail Life to U.S. Congressman Jim Banks’ Service Academy Selection Board and much more, we are proud to give back to the place we call home.

Our Team

Experienced. Energetic. Empathetic. Meet the team of advisors who will build your plan and help you stick to it.

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Our Story

What started as one man’s unique approach to financial planning has grown into a company that shapes stewards and guides people.

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