Values-Based Financial Planning

Goals<span> </span>evolve,<span> </span>expand,<span> </span>and<span> </span>sometimes<span> </span>change<span> </span>completely.

Goals evolve, expand, and sometimes change completely.

That’s why financial planning based around desired outcomes often leaves people feeling constricted, rather than supported. Without wiggle room, you can’t adjust your sail as the wind changes.

Here at Navigator Financial, you’ll find something different. We call it values-based financial planning. Instead of a laser focus on goals, we encourage you to focus on something more concrete.

Your values.

That way, you’ll always maintain the proper perspective.

<span>Financial Planning a</span>t<span> </span>Navigator<span> </span>Financial

Financial Planning at Navigator Financial

With values as your compass, every good financial plan incorporates two key principles: flexibility and freedom.

This gives you the ability to act and react.

But with unchecked freedom and flexibility, you’re unlikely to get where you need to go. That’s why the best financial plans also include boundaries. They keep you moving in the right direction.

With those boundaries in place, the journey becomes simple.

Build a plan. Stick to the plan. Enjoy the ride.

What Types Of Financial Planning Do You Offer?

    • Cash Flow and Savings Analysis
    • Education Savings Analysis, Projections and Recommendations
    • Retirement Savings Analysis, Projections and Recommendations
    • Risk Management Analysis and Recommendations
    • Investment Review and Recommendations and establishment of an Investment Policy Statement
    • Estate Planning Analysis and Modeling
    • Analysis of any other goal specific to your situation
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